The Platte Valley Fire Protection District is considered a combination department consisting of career firefighters, paramedics, administration, reserve firefighters and EMTs. Located east of Greeley, the Platte Valley Fire Protection District resides in the Town of Kersey and covers approximately 220 square miles of incorporated and unincorporated area equal to approximately ten percent of Weld County, Colorado.

In 2014, the population within the District totals approximately 6,500 consisting mainly of seniors and families with children. The assessed value of the District currently totals more than $8,500,000 with over 780 calls for service in 2016 and continually increasing.

The majority of the calls that require the services of the Platte Valley Firefighters involve multi-car accidents along Highway 34 and adjacent county roads, medical calls requiring BLS and ALS response provided by the firefighters and paramedics, wild fires involving dry fields and ranches, Hazardous Materials control and cleanup, automobile fires, response to large rig accidents, and response to local school activities.


Over the last two years, the department as a whole came together to redefine our culture where everyone is continually working together to achieve our mission of protecting life and property of the community and surrounding district, while striving to maintain the highest level of professionalism and foster a family environment.  The department created R.U.L.E to encourage our members and support our neighboring departments.  At the center of all is the foundation of trust, surrounded by ones head, heart, and hands to build:


  • Relationships
  • Unity
  • Leadership
  • Excellence



Within Weld County, all emergency and non-emergency calls for service are received and dispatched through the Weld County Regional Communications Center (WCRCC).

The WCRCC is the 9-1-1 dispatch center that currently provides emergency dispatch services. The center operates voice radio systems and by a mobile data terminal operation for law enforcement and fire agencies.

Emergency Response

The Platte Valley Fire Protection District services the citizens through emergency medical and fire rescue response. The personnel of the District respond to these calls using emergency equipment is governed by both state law and department policies and is policed by local law enforcement agencies. In order to effectively and efficiently be able to achieve this, all department apparatus are equipped with emergency flashing lights and sirens for responding to emergencies.

Emergency lights and sirens on department apparatus are only used when a medical or fire response emergency exists and quick, effective response is necessary to provide services needed.

Please be observant when driving and yield the right-of-way fire department apparatus because IT IS THE LAW!