Wildland Team

The purpose of the Wildland Deployment Team offered at PVFPD is to assist and mitigate wildfire emergencies at a local, state, and national level. The team consists of approximately 12-14 members and will “deploy” a district Type 6 or Type 3 engine as needed to assist in a multitude of different assignments while assigned to a wildfire incident. The individuals that participate on the team are in good standing with the organization and must obtain several certifications above the district’s minimum standards.

While on deployments, these crews can expect to work under fast-paced and stressful conditions ranging from structure protection, mitigation work, fire-line construction, to direct and indirect fire attacks. Crews on assignment may also be tasked with performing burn operations and communicating with aerial firefighting equipment.

It is not uncommon for the team to spend several weeks away from home and experience working in different terrain and fuel models in Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming, and other out-of-state regions; including several of the wildfires that Colorado has witnessed in the past several years since the origin of the team.

If you would like more information, please contact our Wildland Lead, Alex Haak at ahaak@plattevalleyfire.org